Langue : Italien/Anglais
A unique book, an indispensable aid for all those Vespisti wishing to explore in the most minute detail the evolution of Piaggio’s iconic Italian scooter. The author, after having carefully studied each and every model, has gathered over the years a wealth of technical information. He took thousands of photographs illustrating every aspect of all the various versions produced by the firm from Pontedera from 1946 to 1983. This illustrated guide boasts previously unpublished material. It reviews and documents every minimal variation introduced to the models created for the Italian market. Thanks to the photos and the relative captions we can find out when a particular modification was introduced during the production run of each individual model. The book is further enhanced by reproductions of dozens of contemporary advertisements and records all the production numbers and the colour codes used year by year.

Auteur (s) : A. POZZI

Format : 25 x 25 cm – 240 pages – en italien – photos couleur.


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UGS 35804
EAN 9788879119351
Poids 1,010 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 cm